Classes For Court

Our company offers workshops that include experiential learning and gives you valuable tools and how to use them. This enables and empowers you to have tools you can actually use to make life even more meaningful. We also offer life coaching sessions to get you jump started on the life you want to live.

Cognitive Corrective Thinking

This class gives you tools to help you look at the way you think and what you have created with your thoughts. It is a powerful class that will give you new concepts you may have never learned before. This is a 3-5 hour course. The course is taught in one day. Come prepared to learn some powerful tools and use them through experiential learning. Some topics are:
-Choices and Accountability
-How Our Actions Affect Others
-Changing Our Thinking Changes Our Lives
-How Our Thoughts Affect Our Lives

We offer virtual real time online classes that are interactive with the instructor that can be done from the convenience of your home, office or even a smart phone. Now you don't have to drive anywhere.

Once you have selected and paid for your class below, you will receive an email receipt that will include the instructions for this class. It is absolutely critical that you read and follow the instructions in order to receive credit. You will receive your certificate upon completion of the course and course work.

Class fees are non-refundable if you do not show. We expect everyone to be 5 minutes early to resolve any technical issues out of courtesy for the instructor and other class attendees. Class will begin on time, so please do not be late and lose your seat.

Cognitive Corrective Thinking Live Webinar Class


10 AM to 2 PM

  •  Cognitive Corrective Thinking Course
  • Live Webinar- Computer With a Camera or Smart Phone
  •  Collin County Approved
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1 on 1 Cognitive Corrective Thinking Live Webinar class


Instructor will set time with student.

  •  Cognitive Corrective Thinking Course
  •  Live Webinar- Computer With a Camera or Smart Phone
  •  Collin County Approved
  • Convenience of Being Able to Work With Your Schedule

Personal Coaching


Instructor will set time with student

  • Life Coaching Session Includes Corrective Thinking Content
  •  Live Webinar or Over the Phone
  • Sessions Includes Digging Deeper Into How Childhood Effects Our Choices Today.
  • Not Affiliated With Any Court Requirements
  •   Packages Also Available To Save Money on Per Session Cost